Your seal for product originality

Sealable labels by RÖMER ETIKETT assure the originality of your product and seal it. Whether printed or not, foil or paper, with perforation or without…the scope for the design of your original label is versatile.

Through a combination of forms, sizes, materials and cuts RÖMER ETIKETT produces your individual seal label that is fully in line with your originality requirements.

Anywhere your product’s originality needs protecting. Blister packages, folding boxes, bags, glasses etc.

Further information regarding decoration labels

The decoration and design of your labels are the visual statement of your marketing strategy. They convey to the consumer exactly what your product is. High quality printing and an appropriate choice of materials are not enough. What you need are solutions which make your product stand out from the rest, taking economic aspects into account at the same time.

Solutions which really catch your eye.

Further information regarding promotion labels

Promotion means getting things moving. Creativity and unusual ideas are needed and there must be a big incentive for users and consumers. What is required is striking visual communication.
RÖMER ETIKETT has solutions and eye-catchers for your promotion that persuade to be tried.

Many examples can be found under the corresponding headings. There are many other alternatives. This is why it makes sense that RÖMER ETIKETT is taken “on board” by the “creative ones” from the very beginning (product management, the marketing strategists or the agencies).

You will be amazed by what is possible.