Our Five Company Principles as a Foundation of Our Work and Success

RÖMER ETIKETT’s principles are the foundation of our operations and company culture.

RÖMER ETIKETT undertakes to respect the current law, uphold human dignity as well as ecological compatibility through the supply chain, from the supplier to the customer, and comply with waste disposal regulations by means of its company principles. These principles are the foundation for a fair treatment of our employees, business partners and the environment, and therefore ensure the quality of production and products on a long-term basis.

We are a member of the non-profit organization SEDEX. The latter has predefined ethical standards for occupational safety, health and environmental protection and corporate management that we comply with.

  1. Quality Assurance and Product Safety
    RÖMER ETIKETT stands for high quality products and the compliance with food industry standards.
  2. Respect for Human Rights and Dignity
    We respect human and labour laws. Our employees are the key factor for our success. All employees bear responsibility for themselves, colleagues and the company. We treat each other with mutual respect and won’t tolerate any form of discrimination.
  3. Health and Safety at Work
    It’s our duty to protect our employees’ health and safety through preventive measures.
  4. Business Partner Relations
    We expect a fair and honest togetherness from our business partner’s and ourselves that aligns with company principles.
  5. Environment
    We undertake to respect environmetally friendly business activities. This means that the principle of sustainability will be at the centre of procurement and disposal. We pursue a production process and disposal policy that is as ressource-safing as possible.
Code of Conduct

Due to our company principles as well as our SEDEX membership, we comply with the WPV (Wirtschaftsverbände Papierverarbeitung) – code of conduct.

I. General Regulations

  1. Scope of Application
    This code of conduct applies to all company subsidiaries and production plants worldwide.
  2. Laws, Standards and ethical Practices
    The company complies with prevailing laws, standards and other legislative provisions of the countries in which it operates. It orients itself along universally applicable ethical values and principles, in particular integrity, solidarity, righteousness as well as human dignity, openness and non-discrimination of faiths, ideology, sex and ethical orientation.

  1. Business Partners, Government Bodies and Consumers
    The business operates according to the universally accepted business practices of fairness and honesty. Its interactions with government bodies are based on partnership and trust, and consumer protection standards are adhered to.
  2. Trade Secrets
    Business partner’s trade secrets are treated confidentially by the company and its employees. Passing on confidential information to third parties or placing such information in the public domain is prohibited. This also applies to employees after they have left the company.

II. Cartel and Competition Law Regulations

  1. Cartel Law
    The company is committed to fair competition. Laws safeguarding competition, in particular cartel law, as well as other competition regulating laws will be observed. Inadmissible agreements on pricing and other conditions, trading areas and customers as well as a misuse of market power are contrary to company policy.

  1. Bribery, Corruptibility and Corruption
    The company is opposed to bribery and corruption and will not tolerate such conduct. It promotes transparency, integral conduct, responsible leadership and control through appropriate measures.The respective criminal law on corruption currently in force is to be adhered to. Violations will be punished according to labour laws.

III. Global Guidelines

  1. Human Rights
    Internationally recognised human rights will be explicitly and strongly supported.
  2. Child Labour
    The company rejects child labour and all forms of child exploitation. Respective laws will be observed.
  3. Forced Labour
    The company opposes every form of forced labour, bonded labour, serfdom and slave labour or slavery. Company staff must not be forced into employment by means of violence or intimidation.
  4. Remuneration
    All employees shall receive a fair salary for full-time employment, sufficient to cover their basic needs. Wages are to be paid in a practical manner (cash, check, bank transfer) and a pay slip of corresponding amount is to be made available.

  1. Working Hours
    Working hours comply with established law, industry standards or the relevant ILO conventions. Excess work must take place on a voluntary basis.
  2. Health and Safety
    National and international regulations for securing health and safety in the workplace are complied with. Work identity measures preventing risks to health and safety are to be put in place.
  3. Environmental Protection
    The company pursues sustainable environmental protection objectives and acts in an ecologically minded manner at all its locations. Environmentally friendly, and resource saving production methods are pursued in this context. The company uses all natural resources in a responsible manner, in accordance with the Rio-Declaration of the United Nations.

IV. Ethical and Social Principles

  1. Discrimination
    The company rejects discrimination in the interview process and during employment, in particular discrimination related to race, ethnic and national origin, skin colour, sex, mental or physical disability, age, faith, membership of an employees’ association or other personal characteristics.

  1. Harassment
    The company condemns physical, psychological or sexual violence as well as verbal abuse.
  2. Freedom of Opinion
    The right to freedom of opinion and expression will be guaranteed.
  3. Privacy
    Privacy will be respected.

V. Suppliers

We impart the principles of the WPV code of conduct with our suppliers and request that they also comply with its principles. We recommend that our suppliers invite their suppliers to follow the WPV code of conduct.