Braille labels

Braille symbols make a danger symbol visible

RÖMER ETIKETT is able to print labels with raised dots and/or danger symbols which can be felt and “read” by the blind.

There are two options:
either a special label on transparent film (to be applied onto an existing label or a directly printed object) or the Braille is printed on the label as an integral part. In both cases special varnishes are used that expand to form a structure that can be felt. Due to our experience in supplying well-known customers, a high degree of production safety and quality assurance has been achieved, which makes economical in-line production possible.

Economical, value-for-money production. Experience in supplying well-known customers with this kind of label. High safety standards in production and quality.

In all cases where Braille is required on labels or directly printed containers.

Further information regarding information labels

To advertise for your products and equip them more attractively is one side of the coin. However, it’s even more important to give your consumers information.

When information on your product is of prime importance, RÖMER ETIKETT can offer solutions. This is particularly applicable when space seems to be lacking or when the actual information is supposed to stand out.