We at RÖMER ETIKETT like to consider the term “product” as comprising not only the physical components but also the symbolic aspects together with the provision of a service.

Our customers’ expectations can be fulfilled or problems solved by means of our product – our labels.

Labels as a medium between manufacturers and customers, as an advertisement for a brand, as a provider of information and image – RÖMER ETIKETT labels give your brand character, they are decorative, meet functions, inform and promote your products adequately. The technical possibilities of RÖMER ETIKETT solve your individual problems.

Labels made by RÖMER ETIKETT lend character to your different brands and products…

Further information regarding decoration labels

The decoration and design of your labels are the visual statement of your marketing strategy. They convey to the consumer exactly what your product is. High quality printing and an appropriate choice of materials are not enough. What you need are solutions which make your product stand out from the rest, taking economic aspects into account at the same time.

Solutions which really catch your eye.

Further information regarding function labels

Increasingly labels are taking over important functions of the packaging. Here they are often the special solution that turns your packaging into a “functioning thing”. These solutions range from multipacks and easy-opening mechanisms to permanent labelling and security labels.

RÖMER ETIKETT offers you a versatile range of possibilities, so that it works for you.

Further information regarding information labels

To advertise for your products and equip them more attractively is one side of the coin. However, it’s even more important to give your consumers information.

When information on your product is of prime importance, RÖMER ETIKETT can offer solutions. This is particularly applicable when space seems to be lacking or when the actual information is supposed to stand out.

Further information regarding promotion labels

Promotion means getting things moving. Creativity and unusual ideas are needed and there must be a big incentive for users and consumers. What is required is striking visual communication.
RÖMER ETIKETT has solutions and eye-catchers for your promotion that persuade to be tried.

Many examples can be found under the corresponding headings. There are many other alternatives. This is why it makes sense that RÖMER ETIKETT is taken “on board” by the “creative ones” from the very beginning (product management, the marketing strategists or the agencies).

You will be amazed by what is possible.

Further information regarding thermotransfer labels

Thermotransfer print is a powerful and flexible printing technology that fulfils your special requirements regarding the right choice of printer, ribbons and labels. A comprehensive range of label materials and thermo transfer ribbons make us find a solution for every application. You can get everything from us at first hand – printers, ribbons and of course the labels.

RÖMER ETIKETT advises you and provides you with samples and a wide choice of labels. Our principle is, never buy labels and ribbons without printing attempts.