Cut-outs, whenever your label needs a hole

Do you put labels on sanding disks, cassettes or other products for which you require a label with a cut-out? RÖMER ETIKETT has a special technique which allows label cut-outs without damage to or cutting of the carrier. Of course this has advantages for automatic labelling (safety, no waste). There are almost no restrictions as regards material or printing efficiency. All your products with holes or gaps can be labelled safely and attractively.

Automatic labelling is possible without waste. No removal by hand is needed before labelling. There are almost no restrictions with regard to materials and printing efficiency.

On all products with holes or gaps. Especially suitable for sanding disks, floppy discs, CDs and many other products.

Further information regarding function labels

Increasingly labels are taking over important functions of the packaging. Here they are often the special solution that turns your packaging into a “functioning thing”. These solutions range from multipacks and easy-opening mechanisms to permanent labelling and security labels.

RÖMER ETIKETT offers you a versatile range of possibilities, so that it works for you.