Sandwich labels

Your sales campaign for collectable pastable labels

Sandwich labels make it possible to remove the actual label from the product and place it elsewhere. Classic examples are promotions and collecting campaigns, as well as data documentation in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

This type of label consists of three layers, instead of two. In-between the carrier and the actual label material, there is an additional layer (underside with adhesive, surface with silicone).

RÖMER ETIKETT has the capability to create many combinations of materials and adhesives.

Economical in-line production is used. Numerous printing processes provide the possibility of unlimited designs.

With promotions (collect and stick). Popular examples were “Pril-flowers” and Maggi-Kids-Soup with a lengthy promotion (Walt-Disney-films). When organising/documenting (e.g. pharmaceutical industry).

Further information regarding promotion labels

Promotion means getting things moving. Creativity and unusual ideas are needed and there must be a big incentive for users and consumers. What is required is striking visual communication.
RÖMER ETIKETT has solutions and eye-catchers for your promotion that persuade to be tried.

Many examples can be found under the corresponding headings. There are many other alternatives. This is why it makes sense that RÖMER ETIKETT is taken “on board” by the “creative ones” from the very beginning (product management, the marketing strategists or the agencies).

You will be amazed by what is possible.