Labels with glueless zones

Glueless zones, when your label should not stick

Glueless areas are required for many different applications of self-adhesive materials. This is the case for resealable and on-pack labels as well as labels as flaps for opening and labels as carrying handles. RÖMER ETIKETT has mastered various production techniques for these purposes. Completely glueless stripes can be produced lengthwise using special materials. Neutralization using special varnishes does not restrict the shape, position or running direction of these areas. This also applies to lamination with highly transparent films. Despite economical production there are hardly any technical restrictions. RÖMER ETIKETT can find the right solution for your product.

Economical manufacturing by use of in-line production. Production independent of quantity is possible. Shape, position and running direction of the Glueless areas can be selected freely.

In all cases where the self-adhesive label should not be totally fixed to the object/container/packaging. The main areas of use are resealable labels with a flap.

Further information regarding function labels

Increasingly labels are taking over important functions of the packaging. Here they are often the special solution that turns your packaging into a “functioning thing”. These solutions range from multipacks and easy-opening mechanisms to permanent labelling and security labels.

RÖMER ETIKETT offers you a versatile range of possibilities, so that it works for you.