Embossed labels make your product valuable

Hot foil stamping gives your products an expensive appearance. RÖMER ETIKETT offers various embossing techniques for different quality requirements.

In the case of hot foil stamping, the stamping foil is applied by means of an engraved cylinder, which, through use of oil, is heated to approximately 200°C. This enables the most intricate images and details to be depicted very precisely. At the same time the fastest machine speeds can be achieved with this method. In addition to gold and silver, all kinds of metallic colours, different structures, mother-of-pearl or holographic patterns can be embossed. In the case of cold foil stamping, adhesive is transferred to the substrate by means of a cliche. The stamping foil is “stuck on”.

Expensive stamping cylinders are not required. This more reasonably priced alternative offers only medium quality and fine detail is not possible.

Economical manufacture by means of in-line production. Intense brilliance and exclusive appearance. Various process options. A wide range and huge variety of stamping foils.

In all cases where design elements need to stand out and where a distinguished and expensive appearance is desired.

Further information regarding decoration labels

The decoration and design of your labels are the visual statement of your marketing strategy. They convey to the consumer exactly what your product is. High quality printing and an appropriate choice of materials are not enough. What you need are solutions which make your product stand out from the rest, taking economic aspects into account at the same time.

Solutions which really catch your eye.