Thermo transfer labels, the powerful alternative in the sector of short run

Thermo transfer printing places an inked ribbon, a thermo transfer band foil, on the label by means of computer-controlled heater elements. The heat makes the lacquer colour in the foil melt and thereby transfers it to the label. This allows more exact colour impressions than in thermo printing (here the label material changes colour through heating).

RÖMER ETIKETT prints your identification plates in up to 4 colours, characterization labels or product labels.

Consecutive numberings with barcodes in small editions on different materials are possible. Scratch resistant and steady pressure, which can be protected additionally with a lamination in inline-production.

Type labels, identification labels or product labels that do not need “colourful images”, but 1 to 4 colours of information. High performance in small editions and for permanent identification.

Further information regarding thermotransfer labels

Thermotransfer print is a powerful and flexible printing technology that fulfils your special requirements regarding the right choice of printer, ribbons and labels. A comprehensive range of label materials and thermo transfer ribbons make us find a solution for every application. You can get everything from us at first hand – printers, ribbons and of course the labels.

RÖMER ETIKETT advises you and provides you with samples and a wide choice of labels. Our principle is, never buy labels and ribbons without printing attempts.

Further information regarding function labels

Increasingly labels are taking over important functions of the packaging. Here they are often the special solution that turns your packaging into a “functioning thing”. These solutions range from multipacks and easy-opening mechanisms to permanent labelling and security labels.

RÖMER ETIKETT offers you a versatile range of possibilities, so that it works for you.