Lamination, the economic protection for your label

Refining your label with a lamination. This offers not only a perfect gloss but also extremely good protection against outside influences and rubbing off, together with product protection. Where unmitigated premium quality is required (e.g. hygiene products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and chemicals), lamination should be used. RÖMER ETIKETT offers its customers a technical process, using adhesive varnishes, which is not only safe but also extremely cost-effective. These transparent PP-films (from approx. 12 my) make the labels look more exclusive and protect the printing.

Very smooth surface, high gloss and high protection of the product. Very expensive appearance of the label. Economical manufacture by use of fast in-line production.
Use of good-value and environmentally friendly PP-laminate films.
All common adhesive label materials can be laminated.

In all cases where an expensive appearance and high product protection are required.

Further information regarding function labels

Increasingly labels are taking over important functions of the packaging. Here they are often the special solution that turns your packaging into a “functioning thing”. These solutions range from multipacks and easy-opening mechanisms to permanent labelling and security labels.

RÖMER ETIKETT offers you a versatile range of possibilities, so that it works for you.

Further information regarding decoration labels

The decoration and design of your labels are the visual statement of your marketing strategy. They convey to the consumer exactly what your product is. High quality printing and an appropriate choice of materials are not enough. What you need are solutions which make your product stand out from the rest, taking economic aspects into account at the same time.

Solutions which really catch your eye.