Collector’s points-/coupon labels let your customers stick at you

Collector’s points or coupons are an ideal instrument, anywhere where collector’s actions are supposed to lead to customer advantages or customer loyalty. RÖMER ETIKETT produces these in high numbers, on different materials and if desired, perforated in the carrier after every label.

Economical production and packaging, also at a high running meter.

With promotional actions, product launches and to win new customers they are collected or stuck. When reaching a certain number of collector’s points they are prices, reductions and other benefits for the customer.

Further information regarding promotion labels

Promotion means getting things moving. Creativity and unusual ideas are needed and there must be a big incentive for users and consumers. What is required is striking visual communication.
RÖMER ETIKETT has solutions and eye-catchers for your promotion that persuade to be tried.

Many examples can be found under the corresponding headings. There are many other alternatives. This is why it makes sense that RÖMER ETIKETT is taken “on board” by the “creative ones” from the very beginning (product management, the marketing strategists or the agencies).

You will be amazed by what is possible.